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  • Rising Star is a great teaching tool for young adults to learn how to bank and manage money
  • Includes a checking and savings account for each child
  • Accounts co-signed by one or both parents
  • No Overdrafts allowed
  • Debit card issued in child’s name
  • No checks (mobile and debit card only)
  • To set up Mobile Banking you must have an Online Banking Account
  • PIN & Signature Based debit card transactions
  • Parents can set up low balance alerts through Online Banking
  • Once per week, an auto deposit is made (Amount to be determined by parent) from parent’s Bank Star Account to child’s checking account
  • Parents must have account with Bank Star
  • Daily spending limit of $100 in child’s account
  • At age 18, automatically change to an All-Star Checking Account
  • Savings Account will pay basic savings interest rate, which will be paid quarterly
  • Child, within the specific limits, can use the checking and savings account as needed.
  • Debit card tied to checking account only
  • Parent can access the accounts at will

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