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1999 W. Osage
Pacific, MO 63069

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(636) 257-BANK
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FAX (636) 271-2376
24-Hour Hotline 1-888-671-STAR

Note: When clicking the email address below, be aware that it is not encrypted and confidential information should not be included in the email.

Attention all customers: Beware of a debit and credit card scam.

We’ve received word that area households are being targeted in a debit/credit card scam.

If you receive an automated message stating that your debit or credit card has been suspended, PLEASE DISREGARD.  The message may request that you enter specific information, such as account number and security code, in order to activate the card.

DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY SUCH MESSAGE. Never give your debit or credit card information unless you initiate the call.

This phone scam is a mass auto-dialing effort targeting local households.  Bank Star would never initiate a call for information that we already have.